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Private Christian Education

Every day presents new challenges and uncertainties. Ensuring the processes and focus of the organization are critical elements for organizational success.  Approaching the future can't be haphazard it must be approached with deliberate and intentional planning and efforts.  ​

  • Strategic Planning

  • Process Improvement

  • Customer Experience

  • Risk Management

  • Project Management

  • Personnel Management

  • Compliance and Accreditation Management

  • Facility Management/Space Utilization

Leadership and Organizational Development

You have an outstanding team, but growing and developing your team requires just as much attention as your product line.  ​

  • Training and Development

  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Dynamics and Relationships

  • Individual/Team Performance Evaluation

Student Academic Consulting

Planning and preparing for unforeseen events is a critical aspect of organizational leadership.  With the COVID Crisis of 2019 many organizations from local government, hospitals, schools and churches were caught off guard with no clear path forward.  Many organizations realized just how venerable they were.  Let us help you develop a plan that can withstand unforeseen events.   

  • Organizational Emergency Management

  • Local Municipality Emergency Management

  • School/Church Response Plan Development

  • Emergency Response Plan Development

  • Training and Exercise Development 

  • Pandemic Response Plan Development

Strategic Planning

Non-Profit Education Organizations are some of the most complex organizations to manage effectively.  Private education is a dynamic industry that requires leaders to wear numerous hats in order to be to successful.  Next Generation is uniquely skilled in helping private schools excel.   

  • Curriculum and Instruction​

  • Teacher Training/Mentoring

  • Staff Development

  • Fundraising

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Financial Management 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Student Development/College-Career Planning

  • Technology

    • School Information Systems​

    • School Financial Management Systems

    • Web Development

  • Facility Management/Space Utilization

  • Project Management

  • Accreditation Consultation

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